Our Story

Riki and I are the sister designer duo of Adamo1987. In January 2022, we set out to create a homeware brand built for a new consumer. Meaningful origins and ethical sourcing drive us to create a fresh yet sophisticated aesthetic while harnessing the power to create social change.  

As the daughters of a botanical artist and a stone fabricator, we grew up with a deep appreciation for heritage crafts and quality materials. Riki sources vintage in Europe, and I work with local artisans to produce our revived vintage collections. It's a family business. Our brand's name pays homage to our parents, who married and launched their design businesses in 1987.

We began working together out of a shared passion for creating environments that celebrate historic decorative forms and fresh contemporary living. A vision of revived luxury characterizes our collections. With an archive of antique patterns and a deep appreciation for skilled trades, we aim to be more than a label. Adamo1987 is a lifestyle filled with joy, storytelling, and striking visuals to brighten every room.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us!


Our Story