Adamo1987 Joins Fashinnovation's Global Directory of Sustainable Brands

Adamo1987, a sister-run homeware label that's repurposing vintage to meet contemporary needs while harnessing the power of digital to drive business for independent artisans and artists, has joined Fashinnovation, a global platform focused on sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship in fashion and interiors.

I am very inspired by companies and brands that bring life into a collection through art and artisanal work, which is such an important part of the history of the fashion industry. We’re thrilled to have Adamo1987 joining our platform & community. Jordana Guimaraes, Co-Founder at Fashinnovation

With a mission to promote connections that inspire change, Fashinnovation  created a public directory of brands to introduce the world to select emerging labels and tech startups. Adamo1987 is now listed on this global directory of brands. "This is an incredible opportunity for Adamo1987 as it provides a vast introduction to audiences who share our values. In the last few months, my sister and I have been working to scale our circular business and transform the interior supply industry. Fashinnovation's platform has become a space for us to inspire change and connect with global thought leaders who are paving the way for real innovations. Gia Adams Wheeler, Co-Founder at Adamo1987

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About Fashinnovation:
Fashinnovation is a global plataform connecting voices from the fashion & innovation ecosystems, inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset, combining creative minds, and encouraging a more sustainable & inclusive industry.

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About Adamo1987:
Adamo1987 is the Miami-based homeware label from creative sister duo Riki and Gia Adams. A shared mission to uphold high standards and heritage characterizes their collections of carefully curated pieces from the past and present. Each design serves to preserve the ages, support time-honored trade skills, and protect the environment. Adaptive reuse is central to the brand. Prioritizing circularity to minimize its footprint, Adamo1987 sources historically significant pieces from small dealers around the world and partners with master artisans in the United States, repurposing vintage to meet contemporary needs while honoring the unique origins of each piece. Learn more:

Adamo1987 Joins Fashinnovation's Global Directory of Sustainable Brands