Values lay the foundation for what companies care about most. Adamo1987 is committed to supporting skilled trades, preserving history, and protecting the environment. Our brand is designed for a new generation of consumers who want their spaces to reflect their values.

Support Skilled Trades

Founded with a purpose beyond profit, Riki and I are determined to ‘support skilled trades before they become killed trades.’ As the daughters of an artist and stone fabricator, we deeply appreciate heritage craft and quality materials. Every Adamo1987 design is brought to life by an independent artisan or small business shop. This is crucial for the integrity of our brand. Our skilled trade partners bring our visions to life, and we take every opportunity to shine a spotlight on their work.

Preserve The Ages

This is vintage for the digital age. Adamo1987 aims to spearhead the adaptive reuse of historically significant accessories and furnishings, repurposing them to meet contemporary needs while honoring their past to create a rich space for our customers. Each collection is a window into the past, and we celebrate the backstories.

Protect The Environment

Central to the Adamo1987 principle is sustainability. We’re focused on expanding the use of low-impact materials, reducing waste, and prioritizing circularity. Riki and I design pieces that are crafted to last, be treasured, and ultimately passed down as they have been for hundreds of years. 

COMING SOON 2023: We'll offset all carbon emissions from shipments, so you can build your space without worrying about muddy footprints.